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Welcome to the House of Islamic and Value Education. We are confident that you and your child will enjoy long association with our school. At HIVE, we aim to develop a balanced personality by bringing out the best in each child mentally, intellectually, culturally, morally spiritually and physically. It is the amalgamation of the teachings of the Qur’an & Hadith with the modern teachings at the level of marvel. At HIVE, we understand that a successful child needs to develop different languages like English, Urdu, Arabic and Mathematical skills with an addition to community education, entrepreneurial skills, rhythmic sense and aerobic sports. We pray that HIVE School will flourish with all the honey bees ready and energetic to collect honey of knowledge from all the sources that we will provide.
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HIVE Montessori is of the opinion that Montessori learning is learning for life . Special focus is laid upon building language and character. Moral values are repeated to ensure that they become a part of child's personality.


We require each child to be independent, creative, confident, active participant of his/her class. Each child is encouraged to speak in groups and spend time in conducting fieldwork. Language is one of the main focus at this level.


Every child is required to be able to create his/her own sentences of the languages taught. As well as, students are exposed to larger groups of public dealings and communication. Similarly, many expertise of different fields of life are invited to meet them for their vast exposure.

Why Choose Hive?

Nurturing Mind Body And Soul

Our focus is to develop balanced personality with the combination of worldly and Quranic education.

Life At HIVE School System

The day starts with an energizing assembly. Throughout the day, several activities await students and they are encouraged to use provided resources to enhance their knowledge. Students are taught and they exhibit characteristics as preached by Quran and Sunnah.

HIVE Family

Our staff consists of individuals that are energetic, supportive and committed. The teachers are dedicated, vastly experienced, highly qualified and ready to go the extra mile to see their students succeed.

Pleasant Environment

A unique, welcoming and peaceful Islamic environment. The scent of Islam oozes out from every corner of the campus and is exhibited by the behavior of all the individuals.

Islamic Integration

The moral values taught through lessons, stories, engaging role plays and interactive learning sessions put lasting impression on the students.

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What Parents say

"My kid was in some other school, now he is in HIVE and I think i made a right decision of choosing Hive School for my Kid. Alhamdullilah "

Mahad's Mother

I think the school is good for my child. My Child's progress is amazing , she really enjoys coming to school. i am a happy mom. Alhamdullilah 

Fatima's Mother

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