Admission Criteria


  1. Children are admitted in the play group on the first serve basis as seats are limited; however, admission in Montessori classes is open throughout the year to fill in any vacancy.
  2. A child can be admitted from the age of 2 years plus to 5 years plus. Admission will be granted, subject to clearing informal interviews.
  3. For Montessori classes an informal assessment is conducted with an interview with the Parents/ Guardian. Generally, the reading ability of the child, vocabulary and recognition of words, concepts of colors and numbers is assessed. The confidence and development of motor skills and appearance of the child is also taken into consideration – how the child sits, walks and talks.
  4. At the time of admission, an appointment is given for the parents to meet with the Head of the Montessori section. The child is assessed in an informal environment separately.
  5. Both the parents must be present at the time of interview, failing which the admission cannot be processed.


I parents/ guardians of _____________________ of clan ______________ will try my best to

  • Say 5 times prayers.
  • Will fulfill my faraiz.
  • Listen to my child.
  • Avoid seeing immoral programs on social media especially in front of the child.
  • Attend the meeting of the child.
  • Will value my child as best priority in life.
  • Will make my child Sadqa Jaria for here after.
  • Will not discuss the school management/ teacher in front of the child.
  • Say salaam to my child.
  • Remember that early to bed and early to rise makes the family healthy, wealthy and wise.

Online Admission Form