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The Montessori program guarantees that the understudies can work at their own pace and are given sufficient time in the required zones of advancement without undue weight

Harmoniously blending with the view of a child’s nature, the ‘Montessori methodology’ adopted at HIVE is an exceptional system. It is characterized by providing the students freedom of choice, respecting their natural development whilst promoting independent learning. HIVE provides one of the best Montessori set-ups in Pakistan, successfully using Montessori material for hands-on learning. We believe that Montessori learning is learning for life! Therefore, our focus is to link our children with Allah in everything they do and develop a strong foundation for their entire lives. Montessori is a 3 year comprehensive program, which starts at the age of 2 years 6 months and may go up to 6+ years. The time since birth until the age of 6 is considered the ‘golden period’ for a child to learn, understand and grow. We use this golden period to make our students independent by giving them rich experiences to explore as well as steering them towards global education and global issues.

Our Curriculum

The Montessori curriculum is based on established Montessori methods and standards, further enriched by professionals to meet the following objectives:

  • Develop principled learners. Inculcate in our learners values such as integrity, honesty and being just.
  • Help the students in their intellectual, emotional, physical and social development for well balanced lives so they can grow up to be responsible and global citizens.
  • Enable the students to become independent learners and inquirers so they develop research and inquisitive skills.
  • Help each student recognize their rights and rights of other people. Understand their role in the world and be more tolerant towards other cultures, traditions and values.
  • We prepare our learners to be independent and resilient in the face of challenges.

At Montessori, the balanced approach in curriculum designing focuses not only on the students’ physical and mental grooming, but also on their spiritual uplifting. The activity-based methodology emphasizes creativity along with empathy and compassion for the community and the wider world as the main feature of Montessori.



Junior Montessori 8:15 am - 12:40 pm 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Senior Montessori 8:00 am - 1:10 pm 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Advance Montessori 8:00 am - 1:40 pm 8:00 am - 12:00 pm


The students’ advancement is intently checked by right hand teachers, class teachers, subject teachers, level organizers and the Section Head. Day by day conduct reports help in the ID of zones of concern, regardless of whether it is scholastic or generally and help in intending to beat them. Therapeutic projects are completed for those students who require extraordinary consideration in certain scholastic zones. Whenever required, issues are talked about with guardians so they can likewise assume a positive job in helping their tyke adapt. Report cards arranged based on normal progressing evaluation are sent to the guardians at the end of  each term.


We give exceptional consideration to the preparation and advancement of our staff. Consistently we plan and direct an Annual Training session for our instructors to impart to them the new disclosures and most recent practices in the field of training. We keep the guardians required through numerous workshops led to control and empower them to instruct and prepare their youngsters henceforth reverberating the positive effect of the School.

Daily Activities

Art Activities

At HIVE, we stimulate the exploration of 2D & 3D Art which invigorates creativity. Painting, cutting and sticking, drawing, making patterns with symmetry and recycling are all fun ways to learn art and craft.

Morning Assembly

The day starts with the name of Allah. A powerful, energetic and positive assembly of 45 minutes invigorates Islamic values in students. Moreover, every student is given an opportunity to participate in the assembly to boost their confidence from an early age

Arabic Class

Arabic is taught in such a manner that our students can grasp it easily ultimately developing the ability to converse in Arabic fluently.


An all-time favourite of our students is the sports class. With the guidance of a trained teacher, students learn and excel in various games and exercises, as well as build on teamwork, patience and the passion to succeed.


Washing hands, setting the table and saying ‘Bismillah’ before enjoying favourite snacks is all part of the lunch time. The teachers join their students to teach eating etiquettes; such as using the right hand, sharing and finishing the meal.

Kitchen lab

The kitchen lab is not just about blending up a recipe; important skills such as appropriate use of utensils, identification of range of ingredients, counting and weighing skills are involved. It is ensured that the students recognize healthy and Tayyab food. Children love to clad the chef’s caps and get on to fun-filled cooking